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The S’More You Know: 5 Safety Tips for Hiking and Camping with Your Pet

Hiking and camping enthusiasts look forward to the warm spring and summer months, ready to explore all the beautiful nature trails and parks. Sharing outdoor adventures with your four-legged companion is the perfect way to bond with your pet, and ensure they receive adequate mental and physical exercise. However, you and your pet must be [...]

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4 Veterinary First Aid Scenarios Every Pet Owner Should Know About

The idea of experiencing a pet-related emergency is enough to cause any owner stress and anxiety. But, being prepared for such an unfortunate event with some basic veterinary first aid knowledge and items could save your pet’s life. While you may not be able to address every possible problem, being equipped with a few important [...]

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Let’s Get Social: 6 Tips to Successfully Socialize Your Pet

Like human babies, puppies and kittens are not born with manners or an understanding of how to behave and interact. Proper socialization prepares your pet to enjoy interactions and become comfortable in any situation. Although our canine friends are naturally more social, cats also need social training to ensure they can adapt and remain calm [...]

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What’s That Smell? Your Questions Answered About Your Pet’s Anal Glands

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re sitting on the couch with your dog snuggled close against your side, binge-watching the latest Netflix series. Your pooch is in a deep sleep, complete with doggy whimpers and twitching paws. Suddenly, a loud crack of thunder shakes your home, and your storm-fearing dog is startled awake. You smell [...]

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