You told your dog, Batman, and your cat, Sardines: “For 2020, my resolution is to keep you two as healthy as possible!”

Then you did a Google search: “Consumer Electronics Show 2020 Pet Health” 

The search results: “One of the top innovations being discussed at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a fascinating wearable invention for your furry family members. Click here to read more.”

You say: “Awesome! This is perfect! You will both be so healthy!” [Click]

5 improvements in basic pet care to make in 2020

At the 2020 CES, the talk-of-the-town company was Wearables of Health for Furry Family (WOHFF), which has designed a collar-like health device that tracks your pet’s health and helps her improve in five major wellness areas.*

#1: Good nutrition for pets

Pet parents are reminded they must feed a dog food endorsed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), whose label on the packaging  guarantees the food is complete and balanced—meaning it contains all the protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals pets need—and ensures pet parents their dog is getting all the necessary nutrients. The WOHFF wearable …

You say, “Hmmm. I have not seen that AAFCO label on your food, Batman, or yours, Sardines. I’ll head to the pet store after reading the WHOFF article and resolve that issue right away.”

#2: Physical activity for your pet—and you

Physical activity is important for humans and pets. Pet parents often have busy lives that prevent exercise, but you must make time. Make your dog’s exercise time your exercise time, too. You and your dogs can hike, jog, run around the dog park, swim, go on doggie play-dates, and any other activity you can do together. Your cat probably will not want to exercise with you like your dog, but you can enrich her environment with toys to hunt, swat, and bunny-kick; furniture or platforms to climb; and posts to scratch and help her maintain a healthy figure. If you are a cat owner, you may need to exercise alone, however. The WOHFF collar …

You say, “Batman, Sardines, I am sorry to say that you are both a little tubby. That’s my bad. We will get into the habit of daily exercise in one form or another.”

#3: Mental fitness in pets

Many furry family members are not mentally fit, because they are alone and inactive, with no mental stimulation, while their owners are at work all day. This daily stimulation requirement is easily fulfilled by giving pets problems to solve, fake critters to hunt, and obstacles to surmount. The WOHFF wearable …

You think, Who doesn’t like a good puzzle? I will get Batman and Sardines some of those interesting problem-solving toys for dogs and cats I saw at our local pet store!

#4: Less stress for pets

The veterinary profession now understands the importance of reducing pet stress, which can be manifested as excessive shedding or grooming, pacing, hiding, panting, standing perfectly still, shivering, reluctance to follow instructions, or causing self-injury. Stressed dogs and cats may also display inappropriate behaviors or aggression. Many different supplements, foods, prescription medications, and training techniques can help pet parents minimize their pets’ stress and help make life more enjoyable. The WOHFF device …

You say, “Sardines, your veterinarian has told me that you are a high-stress kitty, but I didn’t realize there were so many ways to lower that stress. Batman, I know that birds give you the heebie-jeebies—I have never seen another dog turn on a dime and run like you do. This year is the perfect time for us to work through these fears and anxieties together.”

#5: Regular veterinary visits are essential for pets

Every veterinarian recommends annual veterinary visits, to ensure diseases and medical conditions are detected as early as possible, and to vaccinate pets to prevent infectious diseases. The WOHFF device …

You say, “You have not been to your veterinarian for your annual check-up for more than a year. Shame on me. Sardines, I know how much you love both Dr. Whisnant, so I’ll make an appointment for you. Batman, I will make an appointment for you with Dr. Rivero, but I’ll also ensure you can say hello to Dr. Sulik, who did such a wonderful job with your foreign-body surgery after you ate that Apple watch. Let me give Caldwell Animal Hospital a call right now. All these healthy recommendations don’t really require anything high-tech. I don’t think either of you need the WOHFF collar, but I’m sure it will be a wonderful help for some pet parents. I’m glad I read about it, and the reminder to ensure that 2020 be a wonderful, healthy year for all of us!” 

*WOHFF doesn’t actually exist, and that’s OK, because you can keep your pet healthy without all that high-tech stuff. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020!