The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

You’re a loving pet owner. You care about the well-being, safety, and security of your pet. But, if your pet isn’t microchipped, you’re missing an opportunity to greatly increase the chances of her being reunited with you should she become lost. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), a 2009 study showed that dogs [...]

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Common Winter Toxins for Pets

Dropping temperatures can bring with them a whole new set of potential pet toxins that may not have been as prevalent in the warmer months. Here are a few common winter toxins you should avoid to keep your pet healthy this season.   Antifreeze, with a sweet smell and taste, is toxic when ingested by [...]

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How to Prepare for a New Puppy

While we typically discourage giving living creatures as gifts, we understand that there’s nothing quite as magical as watching your child’s eyes light up when you surprise her with a new puppy. And, if you presented your favorite human with a new pet this holiday season, you may be reading this and wondering what you [...]

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